Bright On Capital is looking for a Client Associate to lead Bright On Capital’s interaction with its SME clients. The principal role of a Client Associate is to (i) develop relationships with prospective SME clients and (ii) guide and support qualified prospects toward becoming new clients. Once an SME client’s funding facility is approved and the client is on-boarded, it is the Client Associates role to (iii) maintain an understanding our customers’ recurring funding requirements, and (iv) offer the Bright On Capital working capital funding solutions that best suit their needs.

Even though Bright On Capital relies and leverages its online enterprise-lending platform, it is the client associate’s responsibility to “hand hold” the client through their lending journey, ensuring that the process is quick and simple for the client. 

Bright On Capital sets monthly operational targets (KPIs) and service targets for its client associates, that you’ll be measured on. 

You’ll be reporting to the sales manager. 

At Bright On Capital, the opportunity for growth is as big as your ambition. Whether that’s progressing to a leadership role in your team or exploring an entirely new career path within the business. Maybe this job is part of your journey to starting your own business one day. We have big dreams and we expect you to have the same.



Development and Qualification of SME Leads

You’ll be required to work with our Customer Engagement Officers to:

  • Develop a pipeline of prospective SME clients
  • Educate prospective SME clients about Bright On Capital, our proposition and how we can assist them with their working capital funding needs
  • Understand the client’s business and funding needs
  • Determine whether client meets our minimum funding requirements
  • Encourage client to apply on our online platform
  • Address client queries

Review funding applications

  • Review registration and highlight incomplete aspects of submission for client to action 
  • Review client data to assess risks of application fraud
  • Review bank statements to establish:
    • Cash flow generation, liquidity and profitability; and 
    • Identify key customers and key suppliers
  • Ensure completeness of financial information and documentation required by credit team;
  • Review client financial information to ensure it meets minimum funding criteria for the type and size of funding facility requested
  • Submit funding application and provide funding recommendation for credit team review and approval


 Upon the preliminary approval of the facility by Credit:

  • Prepare and present funding quote (term sheet) to client
  • Collect any additional information requested by credit
  • Request and collect trade references  
  • When required, conduct site visit to:
    • Validate information provided
    • Assess SME’s operational and administrative capabilities and capacity


On-board SME client 

  • Assist and support client with their on-boarding, which includes:
    • Collection FICA and compliance documents
    • Support client in:
      • Signing online legal agreement and provision of sureties
      • Establishment of SME Clearing Account
      • Facilitating change of bank of details with relevant debtors


Generate Funding Opportunities 

  • Engage registered clients periodically (at least once a month) to understand client’s
    • Monthly revenue objectives and potential procurement (sales) opportunities
    • Identify potential invoices, purchase-orders and contracts that they may require funding 
  • Develop and document monthly funding pipeline for internal purposes 

Prepare and Process of Loan Applications 

  • Assist clients with submission of loan applications  
  • Review loan application and documentation 
  • Understand and review supply chain and delivery timetables in order to inform cashflow movement and loan durations  (ops team to validate)
  • Review loan application and documentation 
  • Support of on-boarding new debtors if required) 
  • Submit loan request to finance approval and disbursement 

Post-Investment Credit Maintenance 

  • Assist credit team with ongoing risk management, monitoring, financial reporting, compliance and maintenance of financial covenants 


  • Collaborate with credit and product teams to identify and develop funding products  
  • Collaborate with technology team on ongoing development of systems, processes, workflows, and business practices to ensure continuous improvements of user experiences and business efficiency


Skills and Experience 

  • Bachelors degree (preferably commerce), or relevant work experience
  • At least 3-5 years work experience in a sales and/or client facing role in the finance or insurance industry
  • At least 2 years of experience of building pipeline: identifying, qualifying, and closing sales opportunities (leads)
  • Strong communication and persuading skills
  • Track record of performance in prior roles, with increasing levels of responsibility
  • It will be advantageous if you are involved or have been involved in a leadership role in a community initiative, religious, social or sporting organisation.

Capabilities and Characteristics 

  • Capabilities: KPI driven, strong numeracy skills, reasonable financial acumen, data driven, and ability to work under pressure 
  • Characteristics: Highly motivated, entrepreneurial, “street smart”, outcomes driven, creative, innovative, intellectually curios, keen to collaborate and transfer information to other team members, and willing get hands dirty and lead

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